Body as Soul

I broke my arms in a fall on the cobblestones in Paris recently and was treated in France, the UK and finally Canada. In travelling around with my medical reports including the x-rays, I was struck by the incredibly intimate detail of the images of the broken bones in my arms. As well as being a critical medical tool for diagnosis and treatment, they are quite simply exquisite visual images. I was moved by the experience of the excellent medical care I received to create healing images of the experience. At the time I was living in Cambridge, England and had a studio at the St. Barnabas Press building. St. Barnabas Press is a very intriguing place, populated by printmakers and other artists as well as having the largest collection of antique printing presses still in use. The main floor is an art printing press business run by Master Printmaker, James Hill and his very able Director of Operations, Fiona Thomas. As a sculptor and painter, I was a bit leery of printmaking — everything seems highly technical and is backwards, upside-down and reversed. However, guided by James and Fiona, I was able to use photogravure technique as well as spit bite etching process to create my first art prints, "Broken Arms".