‘Crossings’ is a Journey to Easter Arts Exhibition and is one of a series of urban exhibits that began in 2016 and has taken place in London, Washington, New York, and Amsterdam. In 2021 the Exhibition took place online and in 2022 Toronto is the hosting city. For the period of Lent, the public is invited to visit distinctive artworks in the heart of the city created by Canadian artists as a response to the bible narrative expressed in the Scriptural Stations of the Cross. Major institutions, organizations and various places of worship will be participating in this ecumenical project. Colleen McLaughlin Barlow’s commission is Station #7, ‘Christ takes up the cross’ located in front of St. Basil’s Church in central Toronto.

Watch the YouTube video below to hear about Colleen’s inspiration for the commission.

Colleen McLaughlin Barlow’s ‘Whale Dreams’ sculptures are created in clay as she observes actual whale bones.
They are then are cast into lead crystal in colours inspired by the Scottish Hebridean ocean.

Watch the YouTube video below to listen to Colleen’s interview with CBC Radio.


Making Art at 14,000 Feet: Watch the YouTube video below to listen to Colleen’s talk during “Collide and Conquer: Shifting how we experience science” a Curiosity Collider event.